Kupuna Resource Directory 2022 - Linking people with services

Fraud Prevention and Resource Guide

County of Kauai Office of the Prosecuting Attorney

Agency on Elderly Affairs Brochure - Information about the Agency with a brief description of available services for qualified seniors.

4-Year Area Plan on Aging, October 1, 2023 - September 30, 2027 - The Area Agency on Aging's plan over 4 years to develop a comprehensive and coordinated system of services to promote the well-being of Kauai's older adults.

 Helpful publications from other organizations:

Deciding What's Next- A legal handbook for Hawaii's older persons, families and caregivers that will guide you in a simplified way through several areas of legal concerns affecting older persons as well as their families and those who care for them.

You Can! - A safety and readiness guide to help Kauai Seniors prepare for a disaster.

Preparing for Disaster for People with Disabilities and other Special Needs - A safety and readiness guide to help Persons with Disabilities and other Special Needs prepare for a disaster.  A FEMA and Red Cross publication.

Finding Help, A Consumer Guide to Mental Health Services in Hawaii

Finding Help:  Human Services Directory Phone List - a phone list with contact information for more than 500 agencies, programs, and institutions in Hawaii.